A meme

I was tagged in this recent meme by Decorus Verum:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I had several books near, so here are two:

“And would they make him look too pious to the others? But then he thought: ‘Are you not a Sodalist of Mary, a knight of your Heavenly Queen? Do you let human respect tell you what to do? Wouldn’t kneeling and a sign of the cross be a true sign of bravery?’ ” ~from Joseph Engling, A biography by Fr. Alex Menningen

“We’re not saying that visionary companies are cults. We’re saying they are more cult-like, without actually being cults. The terms ‘cultism’ and ‘cult-like’ can conjure up a variety of negative images and connotations; they are much stronger words than ‘culture.’ ” ~Built to Last, by Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras

That was fun!


Always changing

My apologies if the site looks strange in the near future. I am trying to change it to look a little more interesting / inviting / personalized; I don’t know if I will succeed or not, but I am going to try. I wish I knew html to create my own look…rather than trying make a generic format look more like me.

Today I am working on the huge project of labeling picture files. Hopefully I will get several done and copied to CD’s, so that I can erase the files off my computer. I have found that procrastinating has not made it any less work…now I have 3+ months of photograph files staring me in the face.

And I came across this quote from St. Vincent Ferrer, that I think will prove an invaluable reminder to me as I begin the next chapter of my life:
               “Do you wish to study to your advantage? Let devotion accompany all your studies. Consult God more than your books. Ask Him to make you understand what you read. Never begin or end your study except by prayer. Science is a gift of God. Do not consider it merely the work of your own mind and effort.”

Now please excuse me while I take a break from the computer, and go find something to laugh about. 😀