Merry Christmas time is here…

I survived finals.

I would have posted sooner, except that I wrote so much during the past few weeks that my brain needed a rest. The break has been both busy and restful; tiring and happy. Last week I spent cooking (having a blast!), cleaning, enjoying the rain, and spending time with Daniel. On Friday night I left for Wisconsin, and had a layover in Georgia. The flight from Georgia to Milwaukee left on time, but we had to turn back because there was an indication that an engine overheated. Upon arriving at the airport again, the engine was checked and we were moved to another plane. Then one of the stewardesses realized she had a scheduling conflict and so they called in someone else. Instead of getting to Milwaukee at 11am, I got in a little after 1pm. Not too bad, except that I was exhausted and just wanted to get home. We had to wait for quite awhile to get our luggage, so we didn’t get home until about 3:15pm. After that I played with my little brother (dancing, giggling and the like), ate supper, and layed around most of the night like a zombie.

Wisconsin is cold. Normally in December it is in the 20’s, and that is what it was when I came home on Saturday. Saturday night it promptly dropped, and yesterday it didn’t get above -5, with the windchills around -20 all day. I was a wimp and decided to stay in the house after Mass, even when Dad and the little kids went to get the Christmas tree. I spent the afternoon talking, cooking, helping with dishes, drinking hot cocoa, and eating chocolates. I also finished my Christmas letter. Today was a little warmer–I believe it hit 2 degrees above zero, and the wind wasn’t as bad. I cleaned most of the day, going through boxes and boxes of my stuff and clothes and fabric and dust and dust. Did I mention the dust? There were a lot of memories that I was reminded of as I tried yet again to pare down my belongings. It is terribly hard to do, though; my things are either useful or I am too sentimental to get rid of them. Sigh…

Now my Christmas letters are printed off and I can begin writing out the few cards that I will send. Tomorrow and Wednesday morning I work, then all the Christmas celebrations begin. Here at home everything is not all roses, and sometimes I wish for the way that Christmastime used to be. But I suppose it is just a greater reminder to me of what Christmas is really about and giving me a greater focus for the future. What next week will bring, I am not sure of yet. All in all, I am enjoying my stay: there is a lot of snow, I enjoyed the many conversations I have had, and the attention from my little siblings. I am trying to get all things organized and in order and have started reading my books for school next quarter–which starts in two weeks. The break has been good. Now if I can remain this calm when I get back to school, I’ll be all set.

This is a time of year that I really enjoy bringing out the Scriptures and rereading the Nativity story; the awesomeness of God becoming man within history is something that I struggle to grasp the full meaning of, and yet it tells of the immense love that He has for us. I pray that you all are able to use this time to grow in Faith and Love, so as to attain peace in union with Him; it will take sacrifice (He became man and was born in a stable, eventually to be crucified…) but if we are faithful, we will be rewarded.

May God bless and Mary keep you all–have a Merry Christmas!


One thought on “Merry Christmas time is here…

  1. Andrea says:

    I read paragraph number 2 out loud to my mother and we were laughing, especially when you mentioned that is was warmer – two degrees above zero. We were also laughing about how you were a “wimp”. Mum said, “I wouldn’t go out if it was twenty degrees!”

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