Yesterday was my 22nd birthday. I was happy–it rained in the morning, and it was cloudy and cool all day! There was 24 hours of Adoration in the school chapel from Monday 8pm until Tuesday 8pm to pray for the elections, and my hour was from 7-8am. I had several hours of homework and 6 hours of class, so most of the day was even more stressful than normal…but the many good wishes, a few surprises, and the yummy spice cake that one of my roommates baked made it a good day.

We also saw the outcome of the election. It is hard to see our country in such a sad state that we would pick pro-abortion leaders, pass laws for euthanasia and deny the passing of so many laws that would protect life. I am disappointed, but I can’t say that I am surprised. One victory that I am extremely grateful for is that Proposition 8 in California (banning homosexual “marriages”) passed. Sometimes I think that people need to wake up to the fact that the political system doesn’t need reform; what needs reform is society. As Americans, we are used to working for something, and getting it…so many people worked so hard to get better people in office, and so are crushingly disappointed with the turnout of the election. However, we need to remember that in the end, it really doesn’t matter what laws are in–the truth is the same, and that truth is that we are called to pray and sacrifice and become holy. Did our country need this reminder to return to that? Perhaps so… Will it be painful? Perhaps so… Will some people leave their “Christian” faith because of it? Perhaps so… But when we witness these “losses”, we will also witness the victories of people actually giving their life to Christ, totally and completely. It will not be seen as a victory in the eyes of the world, but perhaps more Christians will no longer be considered lukewarm to be spit out, but hot or cold, pleasing to God.

There are many battles ahead, to be sure. Yet with steadfast adherence to Christ’s true principles (found in Scripture explained by the Catholic Church), we can be instruments of renewal for America, the Church, and the world. God bless America!


One thought on “Thoughts

  1. Rita says:

    As a Christian I am amazed at how narrow minded some Christians have become. They have chosen the sin of abortion above the sin of lying, prejudice, adultery, etc. and built their platform on that. I am against abortion and same sex marriages but I have always been against racism, stealing, killing innocent people because of the color of their skin, spousal abuse, child abuse, hunger in a country where there is plenty. I believe that the new president-elect stated that he was against abortion and same sex marriages. However, he stated that it is a matter of the heart which can not be legislated anymore than prejudice and other crimes against people can be legislated. We as Christians must love everyone and where we belive that they are wrong we must pray for them. We as blacks do not hate those who lynched our forefathers because they were black we have loved them for the most part and continue to love them as Christ loves us.

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