The end is coming!

Of the quarter, that is. Although I have been reading a lot about the Church’s teaching on the end of the world…

Thanksgiving was fun. There was a lot of good food and company. This week I got a fair amount of work done, but still have a ton to go.

Please pray for:
-the soul of Sue and for her family
-a few special intentions
-me as I finish all my projects and take my finals.

Posting will be sparse for the next few weeks, but soon I will be on break. May God bless you all!

When suffering has a face

Last night when I was spending time with Daniel, someone called over to us from the sidewalk. We went over to see what he wanted. He was kind of whimpering and asking us to “please hurry”. Even though I was at least five feet away, there was the overpowering smell of alcohol. He really didn’t know English, so Daniel talked to him (in Spanish) for awhile. I just looked on and prayed…it turns out (as long as he was telling the truth) that he is an illegal immigrant from Guatamala, because of that cannot find a job, and has a one year old baby here. Daniel said that it seems as though he is despairing and so driven to drinking.

It is so hard to see suffering like that and be unable to help. So often we get caught up in our daily lives, and forget about the hard issues because we lose sight of the fact that there are people that are suffering. Yet there are. And it is in God’s plan. I don’t understand why, but it has some purpose…

Please pray for all the homeless and hurting, particularly this man. That their physical needs will be met, yes; but even more so, that they are somehow able to see God’s love and are not driven to despair of the only thing that matters: eternal life.

Update, prayers, and thoughts

I have so much to do and think about, but since it has been more than two weeks since I really wrote anything, I will put a few thoughts down. Holy Mass, homework, and class are the primary claims on my time lately. It seems like it will never end, but I am also afraid that it will. There is so much work to be done in the next few weeks, it isn’t even funny. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving break…

My Mom came out to visit for a week. She got here on the 11th and left on the 18th. Although I had to do homework for a lot of the time she was here, we also did some fun things. We stayed near the Mission de Alcala which is the first mission in California. She got to to see all the crazy things I do and people I associate with, as well as talking and such. On Saturday we went to the beach, and on Sunday we went to Old Town with Daniel’s family. It was quite enjoyable! Saturday was also the JP Catholic Gala–where we all got dressed up for a formal dinner.  It was fun to “make myself pretty”…

A couple of prayer requests:

-For Sue, the mother of a student here at JP Catholic. She found out she has cancer, and it is so bad that they are not doing treatment. Please pray for her and her whole family…and the prolife movement here in San Diego. She has led a lot of the prolife initiatives here, and so she knows and has impacted a lot of people.

-For this family … it is a friend of a friend in Illinois. Please pray for the souls of the mother and two kids, and for the father as he deals with the loss.

-For two special intentions, that I cannot appropriately give details here. 🙂

I have been thinking lately how grateful I should be. In our theology class, we have talked a lot about how God Is, He is existence, and we are held in being by His will. By nature, we are lower than the angels; but through the Incarnation we have been called to partake of God’s life by nothing but His grace. Everything I have ever had is a gift, everything I can give back will still be less than we “owe”. So, I will strive to give Him everything, to grow closer to Him, and hopefully He will use me to touch others’ lives. I feel like I have such a great opportunity here in my blog to touch lives that I don’t even know of, but because of a lack of time…I neglect it. Please pray for me, I am praying for each of you.


Yesterday was my 22nd birthday. I was happy–it rained in the morning, and it was cloudy and cool all day! There was 24 hours of Adoration in the school chapel from Monday 8pm until Tuesday 8pm to pray for the elections, and my hour was from 7-8am. I had several hours of homework and 6 hours of class, so most of the day was even more stressful than normal…but the many good wishes, a few surprises, and the yummy spice cake that one of my roommates baked made it a good day.

We also saw the outcome of the election. It is hard to see our country in such a sad state that we would pick pro-abortion leaders, pass laws for euthanasia and deny the passing of so many laws that would protect life. I am disappointed, but I can’t say that I am surprised. One victory that I am extremely grateful for is that Proposition 8 in California (banning homosexual “marriages”) passed. Sometimes I think that people need to wake up to the fact that the political system doesn’t need reform; what needs reform is society. As Americans, we are used to working for something, and getting it…so many people worked so hard to get better people in office, and so are crushingly disappointed with the turnout of the election. However, we need to remember that in the end, it really doesn’t matter what laws are in–the truth is the same, and that truth is that we are called to pray and sacrifice and become holy. Did our country need this reminder to return to that? Perhaps so… Will it be painful? Perhaps so… Will some people leave their “Christian” faith because of it? Perhaps so… But when we witness these “losses”, we will also witness the victories of people actually giving their life to Christ, totally and completely. It will not be seen as a victory in the eyes of the world, but perhaps more Christians will no longer be considered lukewarm to be spit out, but hot or cold, pleasing to God.

There are many battles ahead, to be sure. Yet with steadfast adherence to Christ’s true principles (found in Scripture explained by the Catholic Church), we can be instruments of renewal for America, the Church, and the world. God bless America!