Short but sweet

Just when I think that I can not get any busier, I do.

School assignments keep increasing. So far, I have managed to keep on top of my weekly assignments (285+ pages of reading each week, plus mini-assignments)–but am a little concerned how I will get my projects and papers done by the end of the quarter. I am hoping to start my theology research paper (defending Mary’s perpetual virginity) this weekend, with the several books that I checked out of the school library today. My marketing project needs a lot of attention, I need to give a group business presentation in a little over a week, I will have a law midterm soon, have two summaries to write on Wall Street Journal articles, and need to begin preparing an oral presentation. Such is my life.

Also, in September I threw out my neck, and I finally got around to going to a chiropractor…and have needed to get adjusted several times. Hopefully soon I will not have to go as frequently. Last weekend Daniel and I went up to visit his family. I spent a lot of time doing homework, but also played with his little sister and had some good conversations with his family. We also watched part of Calamity Jane, which I haven’t seen in awhile. It was fun!

This past week, the time of “women’s fellowship” was walking/hiking in Penasquitos Canyon. It was nice, but short. It was so good to walk on actual ground again! There is so much cement and asphalt around that it is hard to find dirt to walk on. We got going later than planned, so we couldn’t go as far…hopefully I have time to go back soon.

When I get a chance, I watch airline ticket prices…right now I am very pleasantly surprised with how low the tickets to Europe are getting! I hope they continue on this trend. Other than that, I pretty much only have time for regular activities–such as daily Mass, adoration, calling home, and spending time with Daniel.

A few thoughts from my theology class have been my main food for thought lately: that God is the true reality, and everything else is less so–and the fact that He holds everything in existance, all the time. What a gift that is! And if He is holding me in existance, He will also give me the strength to get through and accomplish His Will.

May God bless and Mary keep you all.

Oh where, oh where…

has the time gone? Oh where, oh where could it be?

Break was very restful; since then has been exceedingly busy. Not all things were necessary, but it has been enjoyable nonetheless. Last Wednesday (October 1st) was the first day of classes. Thursdays are my day off from classes, but came and took care of preparing for and cleaning up after Holy Mass at the school. I didn’t feel very well, so only got a bit of homework done all day. Friday’s classes were canceled because of the all-school retreat–it was nice to have talks, Mass, prayer, and confession. 😀

Saturday did not go as originally planned: we went downtown to pray the rosary in front of the city hall with a group of people, only to find that no one else went. We then walked a few blocks to pray in the cathedral instead, and found that there was a wedding going on. Instead, we prayed in front of a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe that is in front of the cathedral. From there, we were going to go to Mass at noon at Our Lady of the Rosary parish. We knew approximately where it was, and had an hour to find it. No problem, right? After driving around for 20 minutes, we attempted calling some people to get directions–but no one picked up their phone, or were busy! Daniel finally called his brother, and after figuring out some detours (due to a street fair) we found a place to park and ran to the Church, getting there right before Mass started. After Mass, we decided to drive over to La Jolla shores to walk by the ocean for a little while–but could find no parking anywhere in the near vicinity. Instead we went to the cove and walked for a bit, drove around some more, and then came back to the apartments so that I could take a nap.

Other notable happenings on Saturday included talking to my grandparents (it was their 50th wedding anniversary!), getting some really pretty and scentful flowers from Daniel (’twas six months since Daniel & I started dating/courting), and going out to dinner. It was a pleasant day.

The weather cooled down late last week, and I have been enjoying the cool breeze as well as a few cloudy days. The evenings are cool enough to wear a sweater, yet not cold enough to be unpleasant. The tiny touch of autumn is pleasing. It is also nice to have a new class of freshmen…the eagerness of the new students brings a bit of refreshment to campus. As our small campus begins to grow, it opens more opportunities to do more things.

There was a meeting on Monday to give us more information about the Europe trip in March, as well as giving us an idea of what the winter quarter will be like. It is going to be much different than we are used to in the normal quarters, but should be fun. We shall see.

Monday also brought my second day of class. This quarter seems as though it will be a lot of work, but much more enjoyable than last. The accounting and law classes will probably be the most difficult because they have so much new language to wrap my mind around; theology, marketing, and our business plan classes will all require a lot of work, but I am a bit more familiar with them.

So, prepare for another quarter of sparse posting. I will do my best to post ever 7-10 days, but sometimes it is quite difficult to take the time. For example, right now I have 65 pages to read for accounting, 35 pages to work through for theology, 20 pages to read for the business plan class, 33 pages to read for marketing, market research to do, and have to read a couple of chapters and a case study or two (not sure how many pages that will be…) for law. I also am writing a short talk for women’s night on Tuesday, need to do laundry, have to find time to cook meals, etc. As well as making time to attend daily Mass, praying so as to grow in my relationship with God, and fostering friendships here at school.

The other day, we went to see the movie Fireproof. It was really good! It started out slow and I think it could have done without such an emphasis on “being saved”; but it was quite good and shows a pretty compelling story that conveys the importance of faith and marriage, the hurt of divorce, and how detrimental addictions to pornography are to relationships. And I learned that salt and pepper shakers make good cake toppers.

Also, please pray for Marie Breda–a 5 year old girl who is the child of a family that my roommate knows. She choked on a bead earlier this week, and they are praying for a miracle because of the damage…if you want more information, please go here:

You are in my prayers…please keep me in yours! May God bless and Mary keep you all.