Short update

This break has been very relaxing and nice. Daniel & I spent six days up at his house–catching up on sleep, visiting, watching some movies (mainly Lost), and I even got in some fun reading! The book that I am currently reading is called “The Fathers of the Church”. We used it for a class during spring quarter, but I only read the parts that were assigned…now I finally have the chance to read the entire book. It is quite interesting. I have also been assigned to read the US Constitution before our law class on Friday, so I am working on that. I had forgotten how short the Constitution actually was.

Saturday the freshmen moved in, and Sunday was the opening Mass.  It is strange not knowing who everyone is! I will learn everyone’s names soon. Tonight we have Mass, a student life meeting, and adoration…and tomorrow starts the fall quarter. My classes this time are accounting, legal considerations (law), writing a business plan, marketing products & services, and fundamentals of Catholicism. I am cautiously excited for the quarter to start; however, chances are that stress levels will skyrocket once again. We’ll see how long that lasts. I am also trying to figure out if it is financially possible for me to go to Ireland and Rome with JP Catholic in March. It is a great opportunity, but the price tag is kind of high.

Our apartment is full once again, classes start tomorrow, and another quarter will be underway. I am one third done with school, “only” two years to go. Sigh…


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