Busy days

The past few weeks were full of work and excitement. I went up with Daniel to visit his family and go to the birthday party for one of his little cousins. The car quit on the way up, and so it created complications for the entire weekend. Amidst the upsetting of plans, I managed to get some homework done, have a good time, and watch a little bit of Olympics.

My sister’s wedding was this past Saturday, and so the days leading up to it were filled with homework, homework, getting things ready for the wedding, and more homework. I was able to finish enough homework that it was not necessary for me to bring much on the plane. Instead, I brought my Bible and Introduction to the Devout Life. It was refreshing to do some reading that was not for homework, and I hope to continue.

I had interesting conversations on the plane! Normally, all the interaction I have with the person sitting next to me are pleasantries. I am not that great at starting conversations with people I don’t know, and get particularly intimidated when they are large men without any glimmer of a smile on their face. This weekend, though, my fellow flight mates were friendly…I didn’t get either of their names, but had enjoyable conversations. On Friday, I was reading my Bible (finishing homework) and then pulled out my bag that has a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe on it. The gentleman next to me said “Happy feast day!” (it was the Feast of the Assumption) and then asked me what part of the Bible I was reading. Apparently he was a Jesuit priest from Marquette University in Milwaukee, and was in San Diego to give a talk and celebrate the 60th anniversary of joining the Jesuits with the rest of the priests that joined at the same time. On Sunday I was seated next to a band musician that has traveled all over the world. We talked about philosophy (particularly Plato and Aquinas), Catholicism, and the architecture of Catholic Churches around the world. He was apparently baptized Catholic, but is not practicing. Please pray for him–I don’t understand how someone can have such a knowledge of the Faith and yet not follow the teachings of the Church…and yet know that he must need prayers to receive the grace to come back to the Church.

My flight got into Milwaukee a few minutes late, but there still was enough time to get to the hotel and get ready for the rehearsal dinner before we had to leave for the restaurant. At the dinner I was able to hold a baby–that made me very happy, despite the fact that he spit up all over me. 🙂 Then we headed over to the Church where we were taught how to line up, walk, stand, and all that for the wedding. After that, we went out to another restaurant and talked for awhile.

Saturday was full of trying to get my sister organized. The morning was a whirlwind of getting breakfast, packing up the hotel room, getting hair done, etc. We finally got to the Church to put on our dresses and frozen smiles, and got a bunch of pictures taken. The wedding Mass was nice; I liked the readings they had chosen, and the homily was very good. Then the talking began. We made our way over to the banquet hall, where there was more talking…then food…then dancing. It was a fun, yet exhausting night.

Sunday I got up and started packing, went to Mass, talked to everyone who came for the gift opening, organized pictures for my Mom and myself, finished packing, said goodbyes, and left for the airport. The flight ended up being quite turbulent, and so I didn’t feel well by the time I got back to San Diego. After getting back to the apartments, Daniel & I walked for awhile–it was nice.

There you have all the more interesting happenings. Now I must return to my homework that is ever before me…


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