Recent causes of smiles

This is what has kept me busy (with the exception of the usual classes and homework that eats up the majority of my time). These are the little breaths of life that fill my days! They are in no particular order except that which they came to mind.

-Daily Mass
-Long calls home on Wednesday nights
-Quiet moments with Daniel
-Appreciation of my coffee cake by several students (hungry guys)
-Being mildly teased and tickled
-A shrinking to-do list (even though it grows every week again…)
-Soaking up the sun
-Seeing Daniel attempting to spoil me
-Driving to the rich, quiet part of town…overlooking a lake and lights of the city from a hill, barely hearing traffic in the distance, hearing frogs and ducks, looking at the stars
-Talking about “someday”
-Prof. Barber talking about the baby
-Scripture class
-Talking about Schoenstatt
-Reading the Bible
-Being assistant sacristan and setting up for Mass on Thursdays
-Being at the beach with Daniel’s family…playing with little girls, teasing the boys, talking with the adults, just generally enjoying the family atmosphere
-Dancing–swing and the Virginia reel
-The fact that at JP Catholic, everyone is having a blast dancing and someone says, “It is 10:00. Anyone want to pray a rosary?” and everyone follows into the chapel.

And the funny and insulting (although true) excerpts from homework:

“Human beings behave with bounded rationality because they have limited cognitive abilities and cannot fully exercise self-control.” – Managerial Economics (Ivan Png & Dale Lehman), p. 10

Please keep me in your prayers, you all are in mine. May God bless and Mary keep you all!


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