Crazy summer days

Summer “break” has been very exhausting. Of the 14 days I was home, I: worked 7, went to daily Mass, went to two 4-H softball games, helped prepare for and then enjoyed my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary party, and went to a shower for my sister who is getting married in August. The times at home seemed to be short, but were very nice. I got a chance to talk to Mom and Dad for awhile, Andrew came over and visited a couple of times, David and Mary stuck to me whenever I was home, and the other kids were mainly pleasant and happy that I was home. Unfortunately I did not have time to visit many of my friends–but I was able to go to Schoenstatt twice.

I was so happy to be in Wisconsin, even for the short time that it was. Tuesday night I flew in, and Dad took the long way home so that I could see more of the flooding and green trees and fields. The car ride home was very noisy. David was trying to claim my constant attention while Anna, Christopher, & Mary were giggling in the back seat and Mom, Dad, & I were trying to hold a conversation. The rest of the night was filled with the busyness of putting things away, enjoying the green of our hill, and visiting more.

Wednesday morning I started work again. There were not many customers for each show, so if there was not much merchandise to check in it was time to pull out the dusting materials. I have a strong dislike of dusting, so it made for a few long days.

The following Wednesday night, I picked up Daniel from the airport. He got to see my domain. 🙂 It went better than originally expected with my siblings, which was nice. The coming days were a whirlwind of introductions and preparing for the party. My older sister and her fiance came down, so the entire family was together again for awhile. Saturday night was Mom and Dad’s party. More visiting and a LOT of fun. Music started and the barn dance began! After a few hours of talking, laughing, swatting mosquitoes, and dancing, everyone went home and we cleaned up and went to bed.

Monday was wonderful–I got to visit Schoenstatt again. It was a beautiful day, and the mosquitoes were not as overwhelming they were the previous week. I was able to be in the shrine with the Eucharist and the Blessed Mother…with Daniel. I wanted to stay…

Then we went to my grandparents house to visit for a bit and pick up some fresh asparagus to bring back to school. 😀 Later in the evening, my older sister and her fiance visited before going back to ND. In addition, we were packing up to leave at the bright and early hour of 5:30am on Tuesday to fly back to San Diego. I arrived without incident, and was waiting in the airport for a few others to arrive and get picked up from the airport. Daniel’s flight was delayed, so I ended up going back to get him after I got back to the apartments. We made it back in time for Mass! The next few days were filled with visiting, errands, and the like.

Thursday afternoon we went up to Daniel’s house and spent the weekend with his family. We had fun visiting, watching home videos, seeing fireworks, walks/talks, playing cards, and playing Frisbee. I also ate Chinese food for the first time. Daniel hurt his shoulder playing Frisbee, so I drove back–we went to the airport first to pick up two returning students, and then there was finally time to rest.

Sunday was relaxed and enjoyable. In the evening there was an ice cream social to welcome everyone back and provide a chance to meet the new transfer students. Yesterday started classes again…I think it is going to be very reading intensive this quarter. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Have a lovely summer! God bless and Mary keep you all.


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