Strange to think

It is strange to think how fast time goes. It is hard to plan and work towards the future without wanting the times to already be here. Right now I am struggling between the desire for break to be here already…along with the fear that I won’t get everything done. It is a time crunch in which lists and a calendar are very useful. In two weeks, we will be on our last day of finals. In three weeks I’ll be home. In six weeks I’ll be back, preparing for the beginning of my sophomore year. In two and a half years (if I last that long…), I will be graduating. Crazy.

I trust your might, your kindness Mother dear
With you to guide me, I need have no fear.
When all around  seemed dark and drear and gray
You stood as beacon for a brighter day.

Your smile illumined our wakeful hour
You did uphold me with your gentle power.
Thanks, thousand thanks;
To you, to God shall be…now and for all eternity. Amen.


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