Snippets of life

I feel terrible for neglecting this blog so much…life has been so incredibly busy that at times I feel like I am drowning in my to-do list. Yet I think I must put up a few highlights on here; so although this post may be a little short and less than perfectly thought through, It is a small reflection of the craziness of my mind.

The Giuseppe Awards were entertaining! The evening was quite entertaining and fun. The winning film can be seen here:
Part I
Part II

I am barely keeping up with the hamster wheel of classes and homework. It is frightening to think how fast this quarter has gone…soon will be finals, and I will have completed an entire year of college! I am learning different things in each of my classes. Negotiating is common, simple, and difficult. Essentially you need to know how to adapt to each personality that you work with, and create an outcome that both parties are happy with. Global markets increases our observation and understanding of the global economy. One of the main things I have learned from my marketing class is that I hate marketing. There are several other peripheral items that I have learned as well, but that is the main lesson. In our art, music, and literature class, we have been learning about the Church Fathers, as well as building a greater understanding of music; in the coming weeks we will be discussing icons from the early Church. We have also been reading through St. Augustine’s Confessions, which is incredibly good and thought provoking. In our eCommerce class, we have been learning about trends, applications (particularly on Facebook), marketing, ads, etc. As part of our homework, we are working on using media to further the cause of Sarah’s Law, here in California. It is nice to have an immediate, practical application for what we are learning about!

Yesterday in class, we were talking about website conversion and engagement (a very basic definition would be getting people to stay on and come back to your site). Our professor said that they try to make websites addictive, so that you keep coming back. Somehow smoking was mentioned, and it triggered a tagline in my brain that has amused me all day: “Facebook–the digital nicotine.” Anyone familiar with Facebook could see how this is true in many cases. 😀

Enough of class and homework. What else have I been doing? I went up with Daniel for his little sister’s 1st Communion; those days are always long but enjoyable. Last weekend I went up to Thomas Aquinas College with my roommate and her family, and was able to see the beautiful hills (I don’t think they are mountains) and greenery. I was also able to visit a bit with one of my friends that goes to school there. Daniel came and picked me up, and we went to his family’s house for Pentecost/Mother’s Day. It was a very fun, exhausting weekend.

At both the TAC Mass and graduation, Cardinal Pell (the Archbishop of Sydney) delivered inspiring speeches with humor. One of my favorite quotes from the weekend is, “The young people are meant to bring fire to the Church; we elders are here to ensure that they don’t burn it down.”

I get to spend today doing homework, housework, and going to Mass and Adoration. Hopefully I can catch up a little…that would make me quite happy. Tomorrow I will be going to a Gregorian Chant workshop, and then there is a women’s night. Then more homework and work. And more homework and work. And more homework and work.

To close, I’d like to mention a few prayer requests:

-For little Charles, and his family. You can read about the situation here.
-In thanksgiving for my parents, who just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.
-For wisdom and patience as I deal with the stress of school and make a few decisions.

May God bless and Mary keep you all!


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