Life has been so busy. How many times have I said that? It is hard to put things in perspective and see if I am actually busier now than I have been in the past. Something to muse on…

School is keeping me very busy. The amount of homework can be overwhelming, and is often necessary that I remind myself (other people take it upon themselves to remind me as well) that it will all work out somehow. This past Tuesday I had a two-hour presentation to give with a group of myself and three others; it primarily ended up just being three of us. There were a few other things going on as well…so last week was extremely stressful. Monday night I was shaking and went to bed feeling like a truck hit me because my muscles had been so tense all day. However, we survived–and I think we did okay. Then, I had to try to finish the homework that had been put off because of working on the presentation. I still feel quite backlogged on homework, but at least there isn’t much due this week.

This past Friday was fun. Our Thursday class got moved to Friday, so I had to get up and go to morning Mass–because of what I needed to get done for the evening. So…up at 7:15am, leave for Mass at 8:15am, came back to pack up my bags for class, class from 10am-1pm, came back and got started with baking. I made two coffee cakes and two pans of banana bread, and then cleaned our kitchen. It looked absolutely scrumptious in our kitchen: all the counters were clean and covered with baked goods. What was the baking for, you ask? It was for the swing dance that my roommate and I organized! After a short rest-of-the-eyes (not quite a nap) I packed everything up, and we headed over to the school to set up. I played around on the organ for a bit; then a few people arrived and the dancing began. Even though I was not able to dance as much as I would have liked (I kept getting dizzy, for some reason…) I had fun, and enjoyed watching other students learning to dance. 🙂

At about 10pm, the power went out. Unfortunately, that meant that there was no more music; however, the fun continued. We were entertained by some of the guys (I hesitate to call them “gentlemen” in reference to this incident) jumping over chairs, each other, and some innocent bystanders. This resulted in many amusing photographs, where it appears that they are suspended in mid-air. There were also a few photographs taken of me which can be used to scare anyone who knows me. Primarily ones in which it looks like I am attacking the fire from a lighter.

Yesterday was a Mass with Bishop Cordilione and then a rosary procession at the abortion mill. It was hot, but good. The rest of the day was spent resting and doing homework … then last night was a talk/dinner where we heard Fr. Saroki’s vocation story.

Today is hot. It has been in the 90s most of the day, with 5% humidity. The air conditioning takes care of the heat, but I still can find opportunity for complaint in the dryness. :p Earlier this afternoon there was a relatively small fire that was close, but fortunately did not cause any mandatory evacuations.

So…this week, I have a lot to do. A lot of homework to be worked on, and several other activities to use my time. I hope you all have a blessed time, and if I don’t get a chance to write much for another 10 days, please forgive me…and pray for my sanity.

God bless and Mary keep you all.


One thought on “Craziness

  1. Mom says:

    Love you, Lisa. I will be praying for you and all the kids at school. Say a Hail Mary and take a deep breath and take time to roll your shoulders.

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