Dancin’ in the sun

The quarter is well underway. We have begun the third week of classes, and they have proved to be much better than our last set. Although it is a lot of time-consuming work, most of it is enjoyable. My first group presentation is next Tuesday, so that is getting worked on; my icon has been chosen for my research paper; and my second group has the presentation topic chosen and the application work has begun.

It is funny how the story of my life seems to stay so much the same, and yet is so different. One year ago today was the reception of the novices into the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. I sat with happiness for them, but a certain sadness because I didn’t feel like I had a direction for my life. I desired to know with certainty where I would go, what I would do; and many times, I still do feel like that. However, right now I know what I must do for today; and have only to trust God to give me the grace to fulfill that. And remember that God is bigger than any of my mistakes, and has the power to bring good out of anything.

The optimism in this post is not to say that life is without its struggles. Quite the contrary! I recently started dating a certain gentleman 🙂 which brings a whole new front to the battlefield. I have had extreme bouts of homesickness…I miss my family, the Shrine, friends, thunderstorms, and rain. The battle of prayer continues. I was sick (with a cold) and have been tired a lot lately. And homework still takes a lot of effort (which I don’t expect to change). Yet amidst all this, I must say that I am peaceful. God is good, even when He hides from me in daily happenings.

The sun has been shining a lot lately; very warmly, I might add. It is so blazing hot that I feel like I am burning as soon as I step out in it! The past few days it has gotten up in the 80’s and 90’s. I do not like heat, so have been staying indoors or in the shade. Fortunately it is forecasted to be cooler for the coming week! I shall spend more time outside and keep up my tan. 😀

This past Friday, there was a women’s night. We tied baby-sized quilts to be used in layettes for needy moms. It was very enjoyable! I made two; the first one I experimented and made a simple pattern with three colors of yarn…the second one I didn’t have much time for, so I did it quickly to finish. I haven’t done any sewing or crafts for quite awhile, so it was good to get my fingers on some fabric again. Hopefully I can get some yarn soon, and attempt to crochet some potholders.

Now off to read some of St. Augustine’s Confessions, praying the rosary, saying night prayer and then…blessed sleep. Please keep me in your prayers; you all are in mine. God bless and Mary keep you!

One thought on “Dancin’ in the sun

  1. Mom says:

    This entry made me cry. We at least Mary, David and I miss you very much.
    Love you.

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