Back to class

I am sure that you are all extremely curious as to what happened to the rest of the break. (Read: sarcasm) Sorry to disappoint, but the rest hasn’t been quite as exciting. It has been full and fairly productive, however; and for that, I am happy. Tuesday, after sleeping and completing my blog post, I cleaned while praying the rosary in Latin with John Paul II leading it on CD. Then a few other students and I went to Adoration and Mass and hung out in the common room for the evening. I worked on some paperwork until I got too tired, and then just talked. Wednesday I went down to by the pool with Daniel and did computer maintenance for most of the day. Then we went to Mass, went grocery shopping, and went to the common room again. Thursday I got up for morning Mass, started cleaning, went to Adoration, and then cleaned for the rest of the day. In the evening I went to a dinner hosted by the Residence Director for any of the students who were around. That was fun…

Friday was fairly uneventful. I walked to Mass, talked, cleaned, ran errands, baked some bread, and went to a barbecue hosted by one of the student’s families. Then we watched The Lion King, because I am culturally deprived; I don’t know how I survived growing up without seeing it. 😀 It was okay–I enjoyed the music and the puns, but some of the underlying messages I found disturbing. Ah, well. Saturday I again walked to Mass and took the opportunity for some more Adoration. The rest of the day was spent talking and cleaning–literally. By the end of the day, I was exhausted from talking; but I seem to have sufficiently recovered.

Sunday was pleasant. A group of us (eight, altogether) walked to Mass in the morning; I relaxed for part of the day, then went to the Divine Mercy celebration at Good Shepherd Parish. We had a Eucharistic procession, prayed the Rosary and Divine Mercy, and had Benediction. Then some of us stood around and talked until 5pm Mass…and upon return to the apartments, found my roommate back! We talked just a bit and then I went down to help prepare dinner for those who were interested. I had another one of my laughing fits, set off by a silly misunderstanding regarding hardboiled eggs and quarters. That was the slowest meal I have eaten in awhile–because everyone kept me laughing! Then we went over to the other common room and a few of us watched the first half of Pride & Prejudice. It is always enjoyable to watch the reactions of those who have never seen it before…and we had a bit of discussion about the temperaments of the characters, how the story unfolds, etc.

This morning was our first class of the quarter. Yay! Our Monday class is on negotiation; as of now, I avoid any unnecessary negotiation and hate it when I do end up doing any (with the exception of daily decisions, which are not quite as bad). It will be interesting to see how my opinion changes as the class develops. Supposedly all the students last year loved the class and now most enjoy negotiating… We are back to “normal”– we shall see how long my optimism lasts. 😀

Please pray for a few special intentions. Thank you!

God bless and Mary keep you all.


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