Easter Break

It has not hit me yet that finals are over. How can it be? No more philosophy–how sweet the sound! But it still seems to be in the future for some reason. The only thing left before I am totally free is turning in our business plan. Then we might go to the beach…or watch movies…or go to the barbecue…or the Tenebrae service…or a couple of those. Hopefully one of the days before break is over, I will realize that this is not only a weekend that still has homework looming– but a real break in which I don’t have to worry about school! My brain is dead right now. Perhaps it will be better after I get a couple of good nights sleep.

So, this break I have several things to do. I am determined that by the end, I will be rested, organized, and prepared for next quarter. Everything that has been put off for the past ten weeks will now get addressed. There is also an attempt by a few other students to remove a bit of my cultural deprivation: a.k.a. I will probably be watching at least a few movies that are newer than the ’50s, in particular Disney movies and LOTR. We shall see. 😀

I am tense and relieved all at the same time. I feel as though I am not very coherent, so I will stop torturing you with my ramblings. If you pray for me, I might write a reflective post or two in the coming 10 days. God bless and Mary keep you all.


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