Second quarter

Finals week is here again! Three down, two to go. Our presentation for the business plan got moved up to Tuesday, so I have that this afternoon and philosophy tomorrow morning. It is amazing how much as gotten done in the past week, even with all the time that I have not spent on schoolwork. Our presentation is coming together (the past two times I have presented, I managed to not say “umm” more than once or twice!) and although I see a lot of holes in it, it will have to do. I keep reminding myself that this is still new and the first time that we have ever done a business plan, so I can’t expect it to be perfect. My poor group…

It is common knowledge that stress runs high during finals week. That stress, probably combined with the giddiness that we get a break afterwards, causes great silliness in our room. Andrea and I have the most ridiculous conversations interspersed with laughter, as well as reading each other our notes and quizzing each other for our own finals. Imagine two [relatively] calm people spazzing out for three days…and you get a bit of the picture.

It is hard to believe how much has changed in a year. One year ago this time, I did not even know that JP Catholic existed. Now I can say that I have lived in California for six months and am 2/3 done with my freshman year. This lent seems like it was almost non-existent, and here comes Easter! Once again, I am feeling like time is going too fast.

And now, back to studying!


One thought on “Second quarter

  1. Mom says:

    I year ago we didn’t know about JP Catholic.. Time has flown this year. Lisa, I like your picture of the ocean. Blessed Holy Week to you. We miss you.

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