Pre-final distractions

Yesterday was a good day. As most days recently, it was not as productive as I would have liked–but somehow I will get through everything and come out alive. Last night was particularly enjoyable; a group of us were going to walk to a nearby bridge to watch the sunset, but when we returned from Holy Mass we were informed that there were new chairs for our apartment. While waiting for the others to get back after carrying the new chairs to another apartment, one my roommates and I hid in two of the large, empty cardboard boxes. ‘Twas fun, but we all missed the sunset. So instead we decided to go to the barbecue by the pool, where there was good food and conversation.

A few of us decided to take a walk, and ended up at a park down the road. We talked about dreams and goals; about their necessity and a bit about how hard it was to know what goals to pursue. (I guess my thoughts tended in that direction more than we talked of it, but it was there…) We laid on the grass, looking at the clear sky–except for when Steve and Daniel were jumping each other and causing yells (them) and laughter (us). After awhile we went into a gazebo and did more talking and singing. The evening was topped off with night prayer before bed. 😀

This week is chock-full of homework. Yet there seem to be an abundance of ways to avoid it! Every day I have told myself that I am going to be productive, and every day has gone by with disappointingly little done. But…today I am determined. So I will say farewell for now, and go finish my last philosophy homework assignment. Then spend my energies on our business plan and presentation. And praying that myself and everyone around here keeps the little bit of sanity that they have left…

God bless and Mary keep you all.

5 thoughts on “Pre-final distractions

  1. Andrea says:

    Every time I recall Monday night, I will chuckle (I am laughing now) as I remember Steve yelping for the first time when Daniel landed on him. Those fun times will develop into memorable stories I am sure to tell to my children and my grandchildren.

  2. Steve says:

    …all right, kids, gather ’round. I’ll tell you about this one guy I knew in college that would make the weirdest noises….

  3. Bridget says:

    I’m laughing so hard, and I wasn’t even there! “Steve yelping” lol

    Did my distinguished sister hide in a box? *gasp

  4. Christian says:

    Thanks for your Blog 😉 God Bless you

  5. Mary says:

    I really love reading these little glimpses of college life! 🙂

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