So, this morning started off as it normally does; rising at 6:00am, down to St. Jude’s by 6:35am to make pancakes for the Lenten breakfast crew. After chatting a bit, we prayed the Breastplate of St. Patrick; a little more conversation, breakfast, morning prayer from the Divine Office, and clean up. Then back up to our room to get ready for the day.

At 8:10am, we left for abortion outreach. This morning there were two security guards who were watching us, and tried to distinguish the vehicles of those us who came to pray to have them towed. After moving the vehicles to public parking on the road we continued with our prayers, and finished without much incident. On the way to school, my roommate (Andrea) asked how you knew where your vehicle was if it got towed. I suggested the probability of them finding the person’s information through the license plate number; and then casually remarked that actually, they left an envelope in the parking space where the car/truck was. Andrea took me seriously and said, “really?!?” Of course, the rest of the trip to the school was filled with laughter and talk of gullibility.

We arrived at the school, and I went to spend time in the Blessed Sacrament chapel. I was praying, and all of a sudden it hit me–I had forgotten my homework. With no time to return to the apartments, all I could do was bemoan the fact that although I had completed it earlier than I normally did…there was no way to turn it it on time. Fortunately, I was able to come home to get it and turn it in later this afternoon. After philosophy class, we had our all school Mass and a student life meeting. The meeting was followed by some talking, laughing, and an amusing ride home.

It was my youngest brother’s 5th birthday today, so I called to talk to him–and ended up talking with pretty much everyone in my family. It was nice, especially since I haven’t talked to most of them since I came back from break (in January).  Then I met with my business group, did a bit of homework, and had a nice conversation about the movie we watched during class today.  The last bit of entertainment was helping on set for one of the films in progress here. It was most amusing to try to create rain with a hose and sink faucet…it ultimately failed, and a water gun was resorted to. And then watching Daniel be a make-up dummy so that Elizabeth would know how to make the actor look dead–ah, the joys of attending a media school.

After such a whirlwind of a day, I am off to bed. I will get a whole 7.5 hours of sleep! Wohoo! I…am…so…tired…


2 thoughts on “Whew

  1. Bridget says:

    That is soooooo like my sister!!! Gotta love Andrea 😀

    You could try using your shower head to unnaturally produce rain…unless it doesn’t come off…just a thought

  2. Steve says:

    Now the story has been told. Broadcast so the entire world can read it. Such a nice roommate, you are… 😀

    I really like the new header on your page, by the way. It’s very much San Diego…

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