Beautiful creation

The past week has been…well…interesting. I have been extremely stressed, for several different reasons; and I think the devil takes enjoyment in my exhaustion as an opportunity to make things even more difficult. However, in the past few days I have managed to attain a certain amount of relaxation which has helped me smile more easily again.

The weather has been very nice. Yesterday five of us went to the beach after class, with the intention of doing homework. I got a little bit done, but the majority was on my computer and the way the sun was reflecting, I could not see my screen. So instead, I paced back and forth in the sand while doing my reading, took a walk, confiscated Daniel’s camera to take some pictures, laughed and talked a lot, sang, stood in the ocean as the tide came in, and let my feet sink into the sand. The afternoon was concluded by chanting evening prayer while watching the sun come down and standing in the ocean. The ride back home was a source of amusement as well; filled with pictures, protests, and laughter. ‘Twas a glorious day.

My homework assignments for tomorrow and Thursday are done! That means that I have a bit more time to work on our business plan and web design final. I just found out the schedule for finals, and the two most work-intensive finals are on Wednesday (the 19th)–we have Tuesday off! I am happy for every extra day of study I can have for those. Although I suppose you could just say it is another day to dread; last quarter I was scared of finals because I dislike tests. This quarter, I am scared of finals because I don’t feel like I fully understand the course material. The only way I think I am going to make it through the next two weeks is prayer.

It is almost time for night prayer, and then I must go to bed. Sleep is a good thing…


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