A little bit of this and that

From Friday:

Counting my blessings: damp, clean, carpets…toasted, homemade, bread…Monday and Tuesday’s homework done…the other night’s quest to find the moon…rainy weather…my head doesn’t hurt…one of my tax returns came already…our presentation didn’t get as criticized as much as I expected today.

I still have a ton of work to do, have a head cold, and am in need of a lot more time with the King (Adoration)–but tonight, life is positive. I am further ahead on homework than I usually am at this time of week…however, the bulk of the necessary work remains. If I am fortunate enough to have a basic understanding of Nietzsche, my philosophy homework (Wednesday) will be done by tomorrow night. My outlook is a bit more pessimistic, though. Thursday’s homework is a bit time consuming, but not too difficult. Then the second nightmare looms–working on our business plan.

After fighting off several rounds of sickness, my body could just not resist anymore–fortunately I have not had it as severely as most others. One of the worst things about being sick (for me) is not being able to sing. Bursting into song with a raspy voice or causing a coughing fit just is not as much fun. There is no excuse to complain–the little bit of suffering from sickness is nothing compared to fasting for 40 days or being crucified, as Someone I know did. Ah yes, life is beautiful.

Updates today:

–I am quite pleased; I just completed my homework for tomorrow night! That means that I have all day tomorrow to work on our business plan. The day will go ridiculously fast and I will be quite tempted to allow distractions, but right now the coming day is a clean slate. Somehow, all the necessary work will be done and in a few weeks there will be a breather from homework.

–Ever since a procession with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, the abortion clinic that some of us have prayed in front of every week has had too many turn-arounds; so they moved. We moved right along with them. Hopefully enough hearts will be changed that they have to close down totally!

–Tonight, Dr. Connolly (the founder and president of JP Catholic) was on Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s show on EWTN. Several of the students and some faculty watched it on one of the large screens at the school. It was fun to hear the story again of how JPCU came about, and seeing which movie clips they used from the school. I was so privileged as to have the back of my head featured in one of the shots… [Speaking of JP Catholic, right now they are doing a scholarship fund raiser–if you are willing/able to donate, please do at jpcatholic.com . Many students depend on it!]

–I am recovering from being sick. I am pretty much over it, and my ability to think is returning. I hope.

There you have it…a synopsis of my crazy life, with the slight incoherency that is characteristic of my brain lately. Just think! In a few weeks you may get a sensible post. Until then–please have patience. God bless and Mary keep you.


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