Food for thought

Sirach is an excellent book of the Bible…I am working through it slowly, trying to read a bit each day. Yesterday, right after our business class, I had Adoration and so opened it up to read Chapter 5. Verse 1 has timeless advice: “Do not set your heart on your wealth, nor say, ‘I have enough.’ ”

It is so easy to not only fall into the mindset of seeking wealth, but also the opposing mindset that making money is bad. I think that the middle class of America is stuck somewhere in between–desiring that which they don’t have, but feeling guilty in pursuing it. This isn’t a good place to be…rather, we should work our hardest, use worldly prudence, and take what God sends us. Everything comes from and returns to God, and so to reject it is slighting His goodness; to pursue it for its own sake is to reject the Giver.

I had the intention of this being longer, but due to prolonged conversations with other students, I have been unable to continue tonight. I hope that it gives you enough reflection for a few minutes–please post any additional thoughts. 🙂

God bless and our Mother keep you!


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