Another short post

Going through some old papers, I found notes for something that I never wrote. It was meant to be written in a certain context, but I think that it holds true for anyone who claims the Catholic ideal. It is an aspect that is easy to forget, so in an attempt to remind myself I will briefly go through it here.

The claiming of any ideal as our own must be accompanied by a severe examination of conscience. Many times, hidden pride creeps in under the guise of apostolate. We are called to holiness–to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect. This should both inspire and humble us.

We must face the truth in everything. The truth of ourselves, the truth in our relationships, the truth of our Ideal. If we can not embody our ideal, we do not have the right to expect others to be inspired by it and live its expectations.

The truth of ourselves: do we live a Catholic style of life? Do we seek sanctity in our daily lives, not waiting for the perfect situation on the perfect day? Do we strive to discover the personality God gave us and “remain genuine”? Are we firm, free personalities contributing to a God-willed community? Or do we create a crowd that is only a few steps away from popular culture? Sometimes it seems that we forget what we are really striving for, and become too comfortable in our own groups of friends.

To reach for not only the good, but the best; to remember our purpose is not for this world and its pleasures, but ultimately to love God and be forever happy with Him in the next…only this will bring peace. God, give us the strength to do Your will!


2 thoughts on “Another short post

  1. Cyndi says:

    My friend, Sue, has taken my prayer intentions to Italy on her pilgrimage. My prayer intentions are united to Jesus through Mary and include you, and your intentions.

    Sue will be offering up, you and your intentions, when she attends daily Mass. In addition, each Saint she visits in Italy, Sue will be asking them to intercede for you in a special way, too!

    Pilgrimage date: 1/31/08 – 2/14/08

    God and Our Lady truly hear, hear our prayers.

  2. Although I am Lutheran, I see much truth in what you write, though perhaps I apply it differently.

    Maria Pauline

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