A brief update

I am back safely in San Diego. Yesterday morning I left the house at 2:45am CST, took the bus to the airport, and our flight left on time at 8:20am. While waiting in the airport, I read a little and had a nice chat with an older couple. It was cloudy and rainy, which created a cool effect as we flew up through the clouds and went from “dreary” to a burst of sunlight and white fluffy clouds! All in all, it was a boring flight–all across the United States the only things that were visible were clouds…and clouds…and more clouds. There was turbulence off and on, but fortunately I was able to read a little. I finished a book that I started over the summer: “The Spirit of the Liturgy”. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment! Hopefully I will be able to read more during this quarter.

Because of wind, rain, and limited visibility in San Diego our flight was slowed and then we circled in the air for awhile. By the time we were able to land, the flight was a hour late. Two of my fellow students were waiting for me, so we got started on talking right away. 😀 We laughed because it was in the 50’s and it felt warm to me–I only had short sleeves on, and they were both wearing light jackets! Yesterday afternoon and evening was spent putting away my things, and doing a lot of talking and laughing; general good times in St. Jude’s. Some of the students made dinner (which was very good!) and the night was finished with night prayer. I had taken several short naps during my travels, but by the time we were done with night prayer at 11pm PST, I was quite exhausted.

This morning I got up late (8:45am), in time to get ready and then walk to Holy Mass. Now I think I’ll take a nap before watching a movie and spending time with other students as they return…zzzzzzzzzzzzz….


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