Hopefully I can resume writing more reflective posts rather than just updates and essays; they are more satisfying both to write and read again as the years go by. It is easy to let it fall by the wayside, so I am going to start right away.

In thinking about the qualities of a lady, one does not normally think of strong femininity. Especially for girls and young women, it probably most often is rather a delicate nature that comes to mind; someone who enjoys perpetual old fashioned tea parties and pleasantries. Someone who always speaks “nicely” and never offends anyone; who knows perfect etiquette and uses it flawlessly.

Is it required to give so much attention to these cultural externals? Or is ladyship really of more substance? In the past few months and more frequently in the past few days I have wondered about this. The portion of the prayer that I posted with my resolution has been a source of inspiriation…I think it gives us a glimpse into the perfect ladyship of Our Lady: Mary.

“Strong and noble…” The word strength has different connotations; often it is related with a rough physical power. In a lady it must take a different form…she should be physically strong (Proverbs 31:17), but it is a quiet strength that is ready to serve.  However, it is not only physical strength but a mental and spiritual strength that guides every action with firm purpose. It is a strength of dicipline…a peaceful strength that allows her to smile through hardships. It is the strength of being united to God and living for the purpose that He created her.

More musings on the different words/phrases as the months go by… 🙂 I pray that someday I may become such a lady.


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