A good feeling

Today has been a good day. My bed was all cozy this morning, and as nothing urgent was happening, I stayed in bed until almost 9am. Then I went shopping…it took me a long time to find what I needed, but it is finally done. The rest of the afternoon was spent going through things, organizing, doing a little paperwork, making a few phone calls, etc. Productive and relaxed–pleasant indeed. 😀

I am slowly getting things done, soon I will be ready to leave for school again. It is hard to believe that over half of my break is gone already! However, I will be happy to go back again and start hammering all sorts of information into my brain again.

There are a few new prayers added to the prayer page–hopefully a few more will be added soon as well. Speaking of praying, it is time to pray with my family…God bless and Mary keep you all!

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