Break musings

My break has been very busy! Last Friday was spent traveling and I arrived home around 11pm. Saturday I spent time with my family, enjoyed the falling snow, and finished writing my Christmas letter. On Sunday I went out to the Schoenstatt center–it was good to be there again, and the day was not long enough. This past Monday was my first day back to work, and then I have worked everyday this week.

Thoughts and musings never stop going through my mind. Every new impression affects the way that I look at things; whether it is from the written word, an experience, something I hear, a conversation, or just inspiration in prayer. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because of my tendency to over analyze every little thing; but at the same time, I enjoy thinking.

When I first got to San Diego, the landscape was strange: palm trees, tropical flowers, and different architecture. Apparently I got used to it though. On the bus ride up from Chicago it was strange to drive for so long without seeing any palm trees. Now I feel like I am part of two separate worlds, with different beauties and advantages.

Christmas cards are almost done, gifts are wrapped, and today the Christmas tree went up. Tomorrow will be spent baking before going to our grandparents house. Today was snowy and windy…this afternoon I enjoyed watching the trees bend in the wind and the snow swirl all around. Hopefully the cold temperatures (and therefore the snow) will stay through Christmas.

Only two more weeks until classes start again! There are so many people that I want to visit with and so many things to do before I go back. Being sick has not helped with motivation in getting things done–perhaps in the next week I will feel more energetic. I must remember that I can only deal with one day at a time. 🙂

A few things that I know that I must practice more in everyday life:
1) Complaining doesn’t make things better. Figure out how to fix it.
2) Trust is hard. It will always be, you’ve just got to offer it up again and again.
3) Nothing in this world will satisfy us. Live for the next.
4) Life is precious, and always rests in God’s hands. It is His plan, so participate in the part that He cast you in to the best of your ability.
5) Depend on God rather than humans, accepting community as a gift and letting go when necessary. The Child in the manger was the same Lord that was Crucified; if He was disappointed and persecuted by His friends, why do we expect better? Very few, if any, will be with us always.

Have a blessed and merry Christmas! You all are in my prayers, may God bless and our Mother Mary keep you all.


One thought on “Break musings

  1. undercanopy says:

    I too hope to practice the five things you raised. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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