It is quite silly of me to write on here now…I really should be writing elsewhere. However, my mind is jumpy and so I think that I’ll let it bounce all of its energy out.

Four finals down, one to go. Today was our last exam, and now I only have my Scripture final to finish. The assignment is three, three-page essays. I have one essay done, as well as the first paragraph on the second essay. The selfish voice inside of me wants to complain, the practical side of me tells me to get back to work, and the melancholic side is stressing me out. The assignment is not due until 5pm on Friday; but as I leave early on Friday, I have to finish by tomorrow so that I can turn it in. Not to mention packing, cleaning, and shopping. Yikes.

It is not that I have a problem with writing in and of itself; last night I typed nearly two pages, single spaced, of what was going through my mind. Tonight I am having no trouble at all writing here. However, as soon as I open Word and try to think about John 6 or the most important thing I learned in this class, my typing rate plunges. I need to complete at least one more essay tonight to ensure my sanity for tomorrow. Come to think of it, that may not ensure my sanity anyway.

Two days from now I will be on my way home from the airport. The break will be gladly welcomed, although I do have to say that it will be strange. Less than two weeks until Christmas…I have things to get ready for then as well. I think that I have lost a bit of my intelligence this week. If anyone finds it, please let me know.


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