Rain! continued…

Last Friday it rained all day–the only thing missing was thunder and lightening. However, there were a few advantages to that: one which my roommate and I delighted in. We went running, dancing, and singing down the street! Today it rained again, but cleared up for the most part by mid-afternoon.

This week has been very happy and fun! A friend from Wisconsin came out to visit and check out JPCU. She was here Tuesday night until this morning. After class on Wednesday, one of my classmates took us to the Mission, Old Town, and La Jolla. It was so good to sing our Schoenstatt songs, laugh, and talk. I am glad she could make it out.

Homework wise, I have completed my Portfolio, finished and uploaded my website, and am making headway on Monday’s homework. One class is completely done, and I “only” have four finals to complete by Thursday evening. A week from now I will be in Wisconsin, with no homework to do…although I do not have too high of expectations regarding the amount of work I will accomplish over break. Time is still going at breakneck speed, but somehow I always manage to complete the necessary.

Tomorrow is the feast of the Immaculate Conception. We will be celebrating with Holy Mass, Morning Prayer, a meditation, and breakfast. I am quite excited — I get to make a large batch of pancakes! I don’t get to cook for a large group of people very often, and it is nice to serve others now and then. 😀

God is good; I wish to embrace His will with my entire being. Pray for me, that I may recognize His goodness in everything and offer my life in whatever way He chooses. God bless and Mary keep you!


2 thoughts on “Rain! continued…

  1. Steve says:

    Thank you for the comment, I’m glad you did enjoy the post.
    Mmm, ideals. They’re so easy on paper…

    I always feel like I’m kinda cheating with these blogs, because the assigned question usually ends up as just a springboard to talk about whatever is weighing on my mind. It’s never a force fit though, must be something about this ‘Living Word of God…’

    So, about that… I’ve been reading this book lately that talks about the Voice of God in our Souls, and Complete Transformation in Christ, and a bunch of awesome things like that. There’s SO much to meditate on in the Voice in our Soul!
    It also says there’s an element of solidarity in the New Community, and I think it’s right. The comfort of knowing that none of us are isolated in our strivings, that there are other members of the Church Militant that are on the same battlefield, in the same struggle… When I think about it, it makes me feel a little less outnumbered. God’s pretty good, you know? 😀

    I really appreciated the comment too. I was beginning to think my dear mother was the only one that could. It’s not too complicated on Xanga, is it?

  2. Alain says:

    Hi Lisa!

    No snow yet? 🙂
    Here we have been having snow…)

    I wish you a happy end of your first semester at the JPU.
    And a great Advent too.


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