Everyday life / prayer request

Time is passing at an alarming rate. The days fly by, and there is so much to do. I have been here for 8 weeks…next week is Thanksgiving…four weeks until the quarter is over and I will be home for winter break. Only one of the six other girls in the apartment will be here over Thanksgiving break, so hopefully I will get all my homework caught up and can start to study for finals.

I think that no matter where I go in life, I will always be happy to be where I am as well as wishing to be somewhere else. The past week I have been keenly missing everyone and everything at “home”. I miss autumn, with the changing trees and biting air; the country where I can walk around our hill, and have plenty of creation to admire; the hugs and walks with my little siblings; the laughter and fun of home; the peace and joy of Schoenstatt, and all the opportunities to serve the girls there.

However I know that when I go home for Christmas, I will miss everything here. The comradeship among the students, the talks and walks, the pursuit of knowledge and truth, the freedom and responsibility of living on my own (sort of…), the night prayers, singing Latin hymns with male voices, just being around friends. And most of all, the opportunity to attend Holy Mass every day and Adoration multiple times a week.

I was going to write some updates life out here…but just received a phone call from my Mom after typing the above that changed my train of thought. She asked for prayers for a home school family that we know–their little boy died in his sleep last night. He had many health problems when he was a baby, but it sounds like it was completely unexpected. His name was Christopher. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Life is so precious. If we could fathom God’s perfect love for us and recognize, as Professor Barber says, that “He loves us more than we could ever want Him to love us”–then we would no longer fear His plan. May God grant us all that peace.

2 thoughts on “Everyday life / prayer request

  1. Cyndi says:

    I have followed little Christopher’s medical life. He can pray for us now. May the Lord keep them in His peace.

    I thought you might be interested in this article:

    God’s love unites couple at St. Philomena’s Sanctuary
    Devotion to St. Philomena Sets the Stage for their Proposal and Honeymoon

    To read more click here:

    My daughter Haley (14) asked me to buy her a St. Philomena cord.

    St. Philomena, pray for us.

  2. colleen says:

    please pray for colleen o. to get pregnant and to have a healthy baby

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