Thank you…keep praying.

Thank you all for your prayers. Life is slowly returning to normal today…our area is no longer in danger of fire. Stores are reopening, the air is breathable, and you can see further into the horizon. Classes will resume tomorrow, but we were able to go to the classroom facilities today for confession and Holy Mass. Something in particular that has made me love JPCU is prayer. When we are happy, we pray. When there are difficulties, we pray. When there is danger, we pray. Prayer is intermingled with life. 😀 Monday morning we gathered in St. Jude’s (a common room) to pray the rosary and Divine Mercy together, and then some of the guys made breakfast for everyone. The past few days have been filled with talking, visiting, watching movies, pretending to do homework, etc. Even through the concern, we all managed to laugh and talk and have a good time. We have been so blessed; although it was a stressful few days, the school has been more closely knit into a family.

Do not stop praying, though. The fires are still burning, even though they are not in our immediate area. There are so many people that have lost their homes, many who are still evacuated, many who still are uncertain of whether they will come home to ruins or not. There is a massive extent of damage, and will take a long time for everyone to recover. Give thanks to God for protecting our school, and pray that the difficulties caused by the fire only bring people closer to Him. Praised be Jesus Christ!


One thought on “Thank you…keep praying.

  1. Cyndi says:

    The fellowship you’re receiving brings back many fond memories for me. I remember pretending to do my homework too…. lol…But I learned that I had to do my hmwrk in a different environment.. :o).. I’m confident you’ll learn to cherish these times, for it’s truly rare to receive rich fellowship, as you’re currently receiving. 🙂 You’re being blessed by God!!

    I attended Pt. Loma Nazarene College (San Diego) in 1981-82…wow that was a long time ago, huh. But the memories are still fresh in my mind…

    One of my fondest memories is praying in the chapel, believe it or not. Being alone with the Lord and reading His Word, underlining and noting the Goodness of God’s good character is a very sweet time of fellowship. I shared all my thoughts with God in this little chapel. Sitting, listening, and waiting to hear.. It was very peaceful..

    You will make good friends in this Catholic environment. It’s okay to be shy and quiet. I was very quiet at your age…and later learned to enjoy adventure… But if I were still living in San Diego, I’d invite you and your friends over for a Sunday meal…cooked my way..which means…pizza…or tacos…or a meal bought from a top quality restaraunt..I’d invite you to do your laundry at my home..Or I would do it for you…my way…oh dear… lol…

    Keep posting…it’s fun reading your posts…

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