Please pray

Please pray for all the people affected by the Southern California fires. As of right now, we are fine where we are…thank God that we are safe here! 🙂 However, there are many evacuations close to here, including families of students and faculty–and classes have been canceled for today. We have been able to see smoke since yesterday, and the air has gotten progressively worse. Right now we are just sitting tight in our apartment.

Thinking about the fires have given me a new appreciation for the power of fire; I have been thinking a lot about “setting the world ablaze” with love for Christ, and what that really means. To be so consumed by love that nothing can stop us, and that the devil feels helpless in our path. :-p

Everything is so dry. I don’t think I have ever experienced 5% humidity before…I can’t say that it is very pleasant. Dry, gusty winds mixed with flames are quite frightening. Jesus, I trust in You


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