Sun and happiness

God is so good. He sends me happiness no matter where I go…even when I am 2000+ miles away from “home”. I have been enjoying life here in all of its aspects. The highlight here, for me, has been the opportunity to attend daily Mass and adoration at least once a week. There is a Blessed Sacrament chapel on campus, so I can go in to pray before and after classes.

For those who are wondering how large (small) the school is, there are about 30 sophomores and 33 freshmen. I have five classes: Scripture I, Communications I, Decisions based on Data (business math), Products and Markets (economics), and Web Design I. All are enjoyable and a little challenging. Our professors are very good and work hard to make sure everything has a practical application in our fields. It takes me a long time to write, so some of the assignments I find difficult – but I suppose that practice will help me get faster.

I am slowly getting to know the other students. Friendships come slow, as I have the problem of being quiet until I am very comfortable in a situation…but being together in class and seeing each other around all the time is breaking the ice. 🙂 Saturday night in St. Jude’s (the second common room) there were a few students teaching/learning/practicing swing dancing. After most of the people had gone, I did venture to learn a little bit – it was very fun! Hopefully we can do it regularly, so that I have the opportunity to improve.

It has been sunny almost every day since I got here. Strange as it seems to many people, I find it monotonous. I wish it would rain, storm, get very windy, the temperature would fluctuate, or that clouds came out more often. I miss the beauty of Wisconsin, but am learning to love San Diego’s beauty as well. The green is different….but shrubs have tiny flowers on them. The palm trees are pretty when you look up at them towards the sky…the sun sets quickly, but is beautiful nonetheless.

In general, the people here are very friendly. Saturday morning I walked to Mass, and both on the way there and back many people smiled and greeted me. 🙂 When I was waiting to cross at an intersection, two bicyclists said hello – and then one told me that I looked like a Midwesterner. I am beginning to be able to hear the distinction of my “accent”, but I don’t understand how I look like I am from the Midwest! Most the people I know from there don’t look like I do. Oh well…I am, and so I should be proud of it!

Even though I miss everyone at home, I am happy. I know that this is where God wants me right now, and so I can only give my all and delight in His gifts. I pray that you all find the same joy.


O Mother, in your holy heart
deeply inscribe each name
And as a sign that we are yours
write it with blood and flame.
In love and and childlike gratitude
your name will also be
Deeply inscribed within my heart
for all eternity. Amen.


One thought on “Sun and happiness

  1. Cyndi says:

    I’m going back in reading your writing journal….
    Well you’re getting your CA weather adventures ..witch fires…You will not be bored in San Diego….Stay tuned for the mud slides…..Bring on the midwestern adventures countrygirl!! 😉

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