God’s Will

My greatest passion is to do the will of God and become a saint; this has been the driving force in my life for many years. The desire to “be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt. 5:48) is a passion both innate in my nature and stronger than all else; for this I am very thankful. Perfection will come with many sacrifices, yet when there is an overwhelming desire for unity with Christ, the pain of the sacrifices seems to diminish.

The small decisions of each day define everyday life, as well as strengthening the will for future decisions. Learning to love the will of God and become even more passionate for Him is a constant challenge. It is necessary to transparently view everything as coming from the Father out of love, trusting that it is for my greatest good – even when I do not understand. It is necessary to allow my love for our Creator to be just as creative as a love for another person. It is necessary to apply my entire heart, mind, and soul to loving, so that I do not hesitate at the cross that is necessary for the resurrection.

In my life, modesty has been one of those challenges requiring everyday decisions. When I was about 10 years old, my parents decided that all the girls in my family were going to wear skirts. I was very upset and did not want to accept their decision. Friends began to question why I wore skirts all the time, and it was uncomfortable for me to say that I was forced to – so I began to find reasons for myself. In my quest I learned that modesty is not only about clothing, but rather, is a disposition of purity and humility. I came to understand that even if I disagreed with my parent’s original decision, they had the authority to expect a modest disposition from me. As the years have gone by, my sense of modesty has developed, and my expression of that modesty has adapted. I hold higher standards for myself than others, but it remains a constant struggle to avoid becoming desensitized and living lower standards than I believe God expects of me. In retrospect, I realize that God used the circumstance of my parent’s authority to get my attention and deepen my passion for His will in small matters as well as the great.

There will always be happenings in life that I have no control over. The challenge then lays in believing that nothing can happen without God’s permission, and knowing all will turn out for a greater good. Family hardships, illness, uncertainty, and loneliness have all been a part of my life; and yet I am learning to love them because they are all part His unique plan for me.

Although there are many sacrifices in discerning the will of God, there is infinite beauty to be enjoyed. In the stars in the sky, the greenness of the trees, the shimmering sun on the river, the glory of the sunrise, and the shadows of the sunset, God smiles through nature. The brush of the wind is like a hug that wraps around me…the warm sunbeam, a kiss upon my cheek. The laughter and cry of a little child is the music of love.

The simple, daily happenings of life bring much more joy when viewed as the gift from God that they are. Everything we have would be gone without the Source from whence it came. God has provided so much for me to enjoy, and I can not stop being grateful for His goodness.

Understanding God’s will for my life transforms life itself; there is happiness in knowing that everything is in the hand of God. Nothing is certain in the future; but as long as I give my all, I can count on overflowing blessings in the midst of the interminglement of sorrow and joy. By passionately following God’s Will, I can be a small reflection of Christ’s selfless, joyful love.


2 thoughts on “God’s Will

  1. Miguel says:

    Good layout!
    nice header picture
    I don’t know english but look interesting!

  2. Miguel says:

    En mi vida, siempre yo me he sentido un hijo muy amado de Dios, y mi pasión ha sido directamente ser su instrumento. Por ello he tenido muchas alegrías admirando como Dios me habla por medio de las personas, ancianos, niños, mamás.
    Cuando dices… ” It is necessary to allow my love for our Creator to be just as creative as a love for another person. It is necessary to apply my entire heart, mind, and soul to loving, so that I do not hesitate at the cross that is necessary for the resurrection.”
    … Veo que entiendes mi punto de vista, así que espero también pronto poder lograr AMAR a todos y cada una de las personas en SU nombre.

    Con respecto al usar falda como una muestra de humildad , no entiendo como esto puede ser ” ia disposition of purity and humility”.

    No me dejo de sorprender como Tu vez la belleza de Dios en la naturaleza, y eso es muy hermoso. Espero que, así como yo, tu puedas ver a Dios en las personas, un Dios triste, pobre, NECESITADO DE AMOR.

    Espero seguir confirmando que el deseo de Dios es Amar, Amar y Amar, especialmente cuando estoy cansado, ocupado, preocupado, etc… Dios me dira toda mi vida.

    Bendiciones desde Chile

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