A short update

Here I am in San Diego! It has been enjoyable so far. The weather has been pretty nice, and there are no bugs! None, at least, that fly around and suck your blood. šŸ™‚ I am slowly getting to know people and putting faces with names. The weekend has been pretty full, but it has been restful also… We arrived on Saturday, and after checking in to my apartment and doing a little shopping, there was a welcoming at the campus and then an informal dinner with the students and families. Sunday I went to Mass, breakfast & shopping with my Dad, and then unpacked a little more before going to the student Mass. Sunday evening there was a gathering at “The Perch”, which is one of the common rooms. It was a nice time sharing faith and fun! It is so neat to be around other youth who are happy and excited about their Catholic Faith, and have the common striving for holiness. I think that that alone could put you on a spiritual high for quite awhile, lol.

Ā I have had a lot of time for thinking on the trip over here. I sat awake most of the time on the bus, looking at the stars…and then I was able to watch the land roll by beneath us for much of the flight (except when my neck got sore)…and I just sat and marveled at the perfection and vastness of creation. I am so happy that I am me, that I have the life and memoriesĀ that I have, and that God holds the plan for my life. It will be an unending adventure, I am sure.

Yesterday we went to Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary parish in Little Italy in downtown San Diego. It is a beautiful church, with art depicting the mysteries of the rosary covering the walls and in the stained glass windows! It is true beauty, which inspires prayerfulness… Then we went to a park to eat lunch, and then off to the San Diego zoo. It was pretty fun, and I enjoyed taking pictures of the animals as well as the plants. Unfortunately, my batteries were going dead, and so I couldn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked. After the zoo, we went to the beach for a bonfire.Ā There were, again, many good conversations. It was pretty, and a good place to just walk and sing. The new picture on my title bar was taken last night. šŸ™‚

Classes start tomorrow. I am excited, so that I can “get into the swing of things” and start studying…and then I think that my days will have a pleasant pattern to them. We shall see.

God bless and Mary keep you all!


2 thoughts on “A short update

  1. Alain says:

    Happy everything were great Lisa! Yes, it must surely be great to be at School of your faith.
    Your are “the Mariner’s child”:D

    In our MTA, All the blessings

  2. excessivelydiverting says:

    What a gorgeous picture! I’m so happy for you, Lisa. I feel like I could have written some of what you wrote, too.

    I have a friend here who said someone he knew helped found your school. I’ll have to ask him about it.

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