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The summer is almost over, and our county fair will be next week. Last week there was the usual scurrying to finish 4-H projects, and this coming week they will start getting the animals ready. Anna took a shawl that she knitted, Christopher took a napkin holder that he made for woodworking, and will also be taking some plants. Peter & Simon are taking calves, and Anna & Christopher are taking chickens. I haven’t decided yet if I will go to the fair or not, but perhaps I will go with my older sister. We’ll see.

We have found much entertainment on lately! We find old songs, classic songs, country songs, and even a few different videos such as yodeling and this cartoon . A few evenings have been spent sitting around the computer with me searching for everyone’s requests…it is quite fun. The only problem is watching out for inappropriate content. :p [Edit: Don’t follow any links to videos that you don’t know what they are about – especially around children. My siblings are not internet saavy, they do not know how to get onto the site…and either my Dad or I am in control of the computer whenever we are on there. Most of the videos we watch I have seen reviews of on blogs, etc. or are well known songs. Sometimes I just let a song play and hide the actual video, if I don’t know the video content. There is lots of junk on there, don’t let it ruin innocent fun. :)]

Recently, David (4) has greeted me each day when I come home with either “Hi Lisa! I haven’t seeeeen you yet today.” or “How many people did you meet today?” – usually, the latter. We have no idea why he came up with the second question, and it took me by surprise the first few times. It is interesting to think about, though. How many people do I meet each day? Often times, more than I can keep track of off hand. He doesn’t really care about the number, but still persists in asking the question – and I find amusement in his attempts at conversation. 😀

It has been quite awhile since I posted any anecdotes about home and family. Part of the reason, I suppose, is because I have been gone and working so much…and my siblings busy or outside because of summer. 🙂 Yet, I must savor and record moments from these days before I leave, because there is no turning back in the pages of life. Each moment passes, each day, each week, each year; never to come again. It still seems strange that my childhood is gone, my family is getting older, and soon I will have a new chapter to write in my own life.

If I was to write a song about my life, the refrain would be “Time keeps marching on…it never stops to wait…yet love and joy grow strong…through paths both curved and straight. My heart sighs for the past…the future calls me too…time still goes so by fast…God, let me live today for You.”

4 thoughts on “Life, people, time

  1. excessivelydiverting says:

    Yes, definitely savor those moments! And they will still be just a phone call away. Oh, and you have to be careful about youtube. I caught my seven-year-old brother on there recently! Luckily it was just Star Wars.

    Thank you very much for the prayers. I need them.

  2. Miguel says:

    Hi Lisa.
    I really enjoyed this post, specially the link to those videos. You always like old stuff, but it’s ok because is good stuff 🙂

    I’m praying for your intentions.


  3. Cyndi Baker says:

    I enjoyed reading your poem… it’s cute!

    Innocence is sweet and blows my way like a breath of fresh air.

    🙂 My children still have an air of innocence in them. I especially note it in my very sweet innocent daughter Haley (14) and my eldest son Nicholas (19). If I take out a magnifying glass, I even see it in my middle son Derrick (17), especially in comparison to other teens. Love is in the eyes of the beholder . . .

    I hope it works out for you to go to the fair. It would be nice to view “Kodak moments” of your siblings. 🙂

    Do you have a recommendation list for very old movies?

    I’ve introduced Ozzie and Harriet to Haley. I’m thinking about introducing her to John Wayne. To my surprise, I’ve never watched any of his movies. But my interest in him was peacked when I heard he was most famously known for “always being a gentleman.”

    I taught my boys at a very young age (2-3) to open the door for a lady. They still practice this today.

    Keep posting!

  4. Ray says:

    I’m always glad to hear of families spending time with each other whether outside or at home (even in front of the computer) :-). Thank you for your prayers. I will remember to keep you, your family, and your intentions in mind at our Mass today. God bless!

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