A tired mind

that loves to write. So many people to talk to, so many things to think about, so many things to do…and a body that doesn’t want to keep up. As a result, this post will basically be random thoughts, strung together with a smile. 😀

Thank you for your prayers. Andrea is a young woman whose blog I read on occasion ; she was pregnant and went into labor on Friday morning. The baby was not turning as quickly as the doctor liked, but everything turned out fine. Please continue to pray for them as they regain strength.

 Work has been very busy lately. This past week we got an excessive amount of merchandise in, and so pricing and trying to find room to store it has taken up a lot of time. We got so much, in fact, that they asked me to come in for extra hours – they were even willing to pay me several hours of overtime. I am happy about the larger paycheck I will be receiving, but I am tired after working every day this week. It isn’t so much the number of hours that I work, but rather the lack of a day to relax and catch up. I guess that is just one little sacrifice I must make.

Right now I am reading “The Spirit of the Liturgy”, written by (now) Pope Benedict XVI. It is easy to read and makes you think. I think I will get through it quickly. Hopefully I can get “Love and Responsibility” back from the library this week, and finish that as well.

I have a bit of writing to do. I need to finish at least 2 letters and an article this week (self imposed deadlines). I also need to attempt to organize a meeting. And finish sending out invitations to my farewell party. And work on Christmas presents. And play with my siblings. And start to pack up the things to leave home. And finish some sewing/mending. And… well, perhaps I should stop. 🙂

This week, I was excited to figure out that Vince Lombardi was Catholic! I never really knew much about him – only the facts that he was a Packer coach and considered to be a very good one. Last week while I was pricing some books of quotes from him (at work), I flipped through the pages and a few quotes caught my eye. One mentioned “the Church” and was said in a way that I suspected that the Catholic Church was implied! My interest was piqued, and so I searched for information on the internet…I think that perhaps I will use his example to demonstrate responsibility and leadership in an article at some point. I still have to do a little more research and thinking, but I am impressed with his wisdom.

Please pray for me as I prepare to go to California. I want to prepare not only physically, but also spiritually. Sometimes I am scared when I think how easily I get stressed out here at home – I don’t know how I will handle it there! – but know I must place my faith in God and have perfect trust that everything will work out. I can’t decide which thoughts are in the front or back of my mind, but one says that I will do fine because I adapt well, and the other makes me think that I am a nieve little country girl, about to be horrified by city life. :p I guess only time will tell.

I have so much to say, but I think that most will have to be saved for private conversations. There is too much of an abundance of thoughts and feelings to bother the general public with…so I will close with the Compline prayer from the “Schoenstatt Office”.

Silent and tired, the sun now goes to rest and Sion smiles on us from afar.

Your dying was an ecstacy of purest longing:
your body never knew corruption.
You reign now transfigured in the “Holy City,”
on Sion, which God has opened to you.

Through the shrine you constantly direct us upwards
to the eternal Schoenstatt where we will one day praise God.
You show us the transitoriness of the earthly world
until you have led us to things eternal.

Teach me to live each day so that my dying
becomes easy, as befits an heir of heaven.
Teach me to judge myself each night in such a way
that after death I may see you and God.

Glory be joyfully given to the Father
through Christ with Mary, highly praised,
in the Holy Spirit full of splendor
from the universe now and in all eternity. Amen.

3 thoughts on “A tired mind

  1. Alain says:

    “Be not afraid” – of California – 😀

    And from today’s gospel (mycatholic.com):

    “It is the Lord Who marches before you; He will be with you and will never fail you or forsake you. So do not fear or be dismayed.” –Deuteronomy 31:8

    Jesus insisted we “change and become like little children” (Mt 18:3). We are tempted to disobey this command because we know little children are vulnerable and too often abused. However, Jesus gave His little children some protection by encouraging everyone to welcome them. He said: “Whoever welcomes one such child for My sake welcomes Me” (Mt 18:5). He also provides guardian angels for His little vulnerable ones (Mt 18:10). Furthermore, Jesus the Good Shepherd protects His little ones (Jn 10:11), for it is no part of our “heavenly Father’s plan that a single one of these little ones shall ever come to grief” (Mt 18:14).

  2. Miguel says:

    I agree with Alain… “don’t be afraid”
    is just one step in your life.
    go ahead!
    hugges from Chile

  3. excessivelydiverting says:

    Thank you so much for your prayers. You are right about the emotional rollercoaster. I will pray for you, too, since you will be going through the same thing. It’s scary, but hopefully it will be a great experience.

    Oh, and I think Vince Lombardi actually considered the priesthood at one time. 🙂

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