Summer days

… I always heard the term “lazy summer days”, but it seems that I am usually busier in summer than most of the other times of the year! Or perhaps it just seems like I am doing more because I feel lazy when it gets hot. Right now I am bored with plenty of things to do.

I like to observe people from the “window” of the temperaments – including myself. I have a few choleric tendencies, which manifest themselves in the most annoying manner at times. In particular, my mind gets set on a certain thing, and I want it done. Now. No matter how much I reason with myself, I cannot get my mind to rest! It continuously tells me I need to find a creative way to finish ___. Even when there is nothing I can do – I am waiting on paperwork, some one else’s action, time, etc. (I have been pre-approved for a loan and am waiting on the final paperwork, and have applied to get back on my Dad’s health insurance.) I laugh and tell myself to quit being so ridiculous. Patience…patience…patience.

I will purchase the airline tickets to San Diego either tonight or tomorrow. It is still (only!) eight weeks away, but I found tickets on sale for much less than I expected and even hoped! I am quite happy about that. Eight weeks seems like a frighteningly short amount of time…especially when you can’t snap your fingers and have everything ready. I keep thinking that once all the financing and health insurance is worked out, I will be able to breathe easily again – but knowing myself, I will start to worry more about finding a job, learning to study again, diciplining myself, etc. Instead, I must look back and marvel at how everything has worked out so far and trust that it will continue to do so. And if everything falls through and doesn’t work out? I will be quite disappointed, but will try to pick up with a smile – knowing that everything that God allows He will turn out for the best. 🙂

If I think about it, this has been a wild ride of a year. In March, any plans for attending college were non-existant. After visiting my sister at the beginning of February, I was seriously thinking about moving up to North Dakota, job searching both here and there. I had a couple of jobs and interviews that sounded promising, and all fell through with no apparent reason…I thank God, though, for slammed doors – because it makes His will clear to me for the time being.

In the beginning of April, someone sent me a list of “homeschool friendly colleges”. I have been looking at/for Catholic colleges for at least 5 years, and so most I had come across. All except one – John Paul the Great Catholic University. Being the curious person that I am, I read pretty much their whole website, which piqued my interest enough to request more information. It took me awhile to fill out the application and get letters of recommendation sent; but then everything started going very quickly. I sent in the paperwork on Monday…Friday evening I got a phone call that I was accepted to the University! I filled out the financial aid application and wrote the essays…I was awarded about half of tuition in financial aid. I sent in the housing application…hopefully soon I will hear back from them. Four months ago, I had an entirely different view of the way my immediate future was going to go. I guess that just proves that I have to take life one step at a time and not think too much about what is coming next – because I may have absolutely no idea.

Prayer requests: 1) Thank you for your prayers for my family. Please continue them…we need all the help we can get in this house.  2) Please pray for Jeff (someone I know from our parish choir) and his family. His mother (Kate) just died suddenly, and his Dad is very ill with alzhiemers. Pray for her soul, and all the family who mourn.  3) For Stephanie, a girl that my older sister met online – she was raped and is 10 weeks pregnant. She has decided to keep the baby but is having a very difficult time with morning sickness and is getting much unwanted pressure to abort.

I have been very long-winded tonight. I hope you enjoy reading about my crazy life. 😀 And now I am off to do some reading and list making. God bless and Mary keep you all!


2 thoughts on “Summer days

  1. Colleen says:

    Prayers again. Congratulations about college, again!

    It really is amazing, as you say, about slammed doors. It’s often not until later that we realize how beneficial those slammed doors actually are, and how thankful we should be for them.

  2. Miguel says:

    Hi Lisa. I always enjoy reading about your life. I’m still praying for you and your family, for your friend Jeff and specially for Stephanie.

    I’m back in Concepción so I will write more later


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