Time keeps marching on

There is so much to do! Every time I am able to cross something off of my to do list, I think of something else that needs to be done or another place to go. I guess it is a good thing that I don’t think of everything all at once. In particular I want everything that pertains to college, done – so that the only thing I have to think about is packing. I need to change my attitude and stop thinking that I can “get ahead”, and instead work on taking one day at a time. 🙂

Yesterday I was home alone for most of the day. I was able to get many things accomplished! Before 9am, I had made 6 or 8 phone calls. (I dislike using the phone.) At about 2:45pm, my Mom and the 4 younger kids got home, and after that I couldn’t do much – Christopher talked and talked, and Mary and David clung to me after not seeing me in a week. Last night I took my grandparents (and Christopher) out for dinner, which was fun! I had not seen them for more than a month. Also, last week I found out that I am going to be getting my great-Grandma’s nativity set that I painted several years ago! I can’t wait to see it again. 😀

Thank you for joining me in the St. Joseph Novena…it appears that the health insurance is working out, but I am not going to be totally at ease until it is settled. Which might be September. On another note, I completed the application for a loan last night, so now I just have to wait for papers to come in the mail to sign! That is one thing that I am glad is done. Slowly but surely, it is coming together.

I enjoyed my week off of work! It was nice to be out at Schoenstatt again. I had many good conversations and much prayer time – in addition to catching up on sleep! It felt strange being older than all the other counselors though. I just have to remember that the youth is a transitional branch, and I am on the “older” side of the youth. Please pray for our youth and all those who work for the formation of our youth.

An excerpt from the book (Everyday Sanctity, by M. A. Nailis) I just finished reading:

         We must carefully avoid fostering in ourselves any desire for particular loves — for example, for a love which does not seem to fit in with one’s particular state of life and therefore is not willed by God.
        Bishop Camus made a compilation of the teaching of the Holy Doctor of the Church, St. Frances de Sales, on this point:
“One must hate love, unless it is a love in and for God, for:

  1. The risk is great that human friendship (no matter how permissible and noble it may be at the start), may degenerate into a danger to be feared, particularly between persons of different sex.
  2. To wish to be loved, other than by God, is a sort of theft in which we really steal a part of those hearts by whom we wish to be loved from God. And in any case they cannot love God worthily, since He is infinitely greater than our hearts.
  3. It means an injury to God’s jealousy since He will not tolerate any rival or competitor in our hearts. His love must be all or nothing; He wants to be king or nothing at all.
  4. It is great vanity to believe that one may, through one’s own merits, claim a right to the love of another.

       ” ‘O, how unfortunate are those,’ says the saint, ‘who have nothing attractive or worthy of love, for they are sure that the love which is given them is of the most perfect kind because it is rooted in God.’
       “To love somebody next to God without directing this love to God — even though it is not against one of God’s commandments — means to diminish the love which we owe to God who wishes to be loved with our entire heart.
       “O God, take us away from this world, or take this world away from us! Tear our hearts free from the world, or tear the world away from our hearts! All that is not God is nothing! ‘For what do we desire on earth or in heaven, save You, O God’ (Ps 71, 15).”

May God bless and Mary keep you!


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