Sputtering thoughts

The past week has contained a few surprises and changes of plans. To a normally not-so-spontanious girl, that can be very different. :p The results have been quite pleasant for the most part. 

Tuesday night I made the decision to go to get up on Wednesday morning for Holy Mass and breakfast afterwards with some of the young adults from our parish. There ended up being four of us…it was fun! I have not had a consistant opportunity to “hang out” with people my age, and so I am excited about the possibility for the summer. 🙂

Wednesday morning, I also sent in the financial aid application to JP Catholic. Finally. Hopefully they will get back to me very soon. Now the only college item requiring my immediate attention is the student agreement form. Thursday I took my car in to be looked at, it turns out that I need to take it to a transmission shop, and the tires needed to be replaced….thank goodness I have a Dad. A Dad that knows more about tires than 1) that they are made of rubber, and 2) that there are a bazillion different kinds. And a Dad that is kind enough to take my car to get the tires replaced while I am at work. 😀

Last night I went to a women’s discernment group with a girl from our church. At the group, there was Eucharistic Adoration, a tele-conference call with one of the Sisters of Life – it was enjoyable to hear her give her vocation story! -, and some discussion. The group was pretty good, but more than that I enjoyed the 45 minute drive to and from Madison – it gave us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better, and discovering some similarities is encouraging towards building a friendship.

Today the reality of being a Child of God struck me. Yes, I theoretically knew it to be so; but to actually be granted the grace to understand it as a reality is …well… striking. I read the quote: “Your child is first of all God’s child; when you look at him in his sweetest moments and are moved to tenderness, you are not alone; God is watching him with the intent, absorbed love of a Father. He is around and above and below the child; He is in his heart. He is the apple of God’s eye.” (Caryll Houselander) It is so strange how God chooses to raise the dignity of a person by just loving them. When they have been raised by God, who are we to pull them down? Take a few moments to just think of people you love (or even just acquaintences!) as being a Child of God. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

My bed is calling me. The clock is pushing my eyelids shut. And as I need to get up to get ready for Holy Mass in less than 6.5 hours, I think I had better listen to my bed…and so ends this post.

God bless and Mary keep you all!


3 thoughts on “Sputtering thoughts

  1. Miguel says:

    Hi!.. I’m so happy that you had fun this past week. I’m praying for all your college and live things.
    from Chile
    Miguel Angel

  2. Colleen says:

    That’s really exciting about college! Is that the one in California?

  3. Alain says:

    Hey Lisa, sorry I am late in congratulating you for the University. Is the name of school what you wrote or you meant JP the Great!

    Yes, it is awesome to see everyone as a special treasure of God himself. It also give us more strenght to love them.

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