The merry-go-round of life

It is June sixth already, and no posts from June! Shame on me! But, I guess that is what happens when I get busy running to and fro. So…what have I been up to?

Last Wednesday I was commissioned to make my siblings “disappear” from our house for the afternoon, so I managed to pack them in the van and we went to a local park. We had fun on the swings and other equipment, and right about the time that they all started getting bored, some angels in disguise appeared on the scene: two men with metal detectors searching for coins. Apparently it was incredibly intriguing to watch…the kids followed them around for over two hours, even after Mom called and said that we could return. I took the opportunity to write, pray, take pictures, and walk.

That same Wednesday night, I went to the preview for the new show (“The Odd Couple”) at the dinner theatre where I work. I was a little disappointed, because supposedly it is a hilarious play…but I must just not understand or appreciate the modern humor. I have only heard good reviews from the customers, so I guess that is good for business – but it is practically impossible for me to pretend to be excited over something that I am not, so I am going to avoid talking about the show as much as I can. LOL

Thursday was a crazy day, both at work and home. I spent tons of time on the phone (I greatly dislike talking on the telephone), which was draining – but I got the necessary accomplished. Friday was a busy as well, with work and then a meeting at Schoenstatt. Saturday I worked…Sunday was choir, and then a quiet afternoon at home. Quiet, rainy afternoons are perfect for napping and conversations…but of course, not at the same time. 🙂

Monday was a very peaceful day. I worked by myself all day and so was able to do a lot of thinking; the evening was spent writing e-mails. Yesterday was exhausting. I got up at 6am to get everything ready for the day, before going to work at 8:00. At noon I left work, on to take my Grandma shopping. After an afternoon of shopping, I stayed for supper…and then off to another meeting at Schoenstatt. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to stop at the Shrine before the meeting, and after, it was locked. 😦 That was disappointing…kind of like going home, only to find the house locked and with no key. All in all, I drove almost 200 miles yesterday, spending about 5.5 hours in the car…

Besides working for 7 hours, today I have been at home. It is amazing how many things all of a sudden seem to need doing, when you are gone a couple of days! This past week, my relative disorganization has been bothering me, so I had to get all my papers organized. I should really do the same with my computer files, but that will probably get procrastinated on for another long while. I have gotten several things finished up today – but somehow my to-do list isn’t shrinking much. Hopefully it will be quite chipped away by the end of the week. Tomorrow is another long day away from home…another drive up to Schoenstatt, but this time I will probably get some “home” (Shrine) time. 😀 Yay!

I guess I am best off to bed. I really wish that I had the mental (and physical) energy to write a thought provoking post, but my brain is starting to drift into lala land, and my eyelids have weights that are getting in the way. God bless and our Blessed Mother keep you all.

“The things that we love tell us what we are.” ~St. Thomas Aquinas


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