Prayer request

Could you please say a prayer for Shelly, a lady that I work with? This evening we got a semi-truck with merchandise in, and she and I were helping unload the HUGE box so that we could get it in our storeroom. She tripped on some of the strapping and fell, on concrete and asphalt. Her hand was swelling slightly by the time we were leaving, and I guess she is going to the emergency room just to make sure everything is okay because she is quite sore. šŸ˜¦ She is a nice lady that really does not need anything more to go wrong right now…I hope nothing is badly injured. So, any prayers are appreciated. God bless!


One thought on “Prayer request

  1. judy calvin says:

    Please pray for my sister Diane she has severe depression. Thank You and God Bless You….peacea and Love….Judy

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