We’ll see how this goes

I am seeing if I like blogger better than xanga…we shall see how fast I get used to it. LOL One reason for changing is because my xanga site is getting to such a massive size that it is difficult to search for things and “bite it off in chunks”. I realized this while looking for a few posts to refer to for a friend.

This week has been pretty good so far. I have to get back into the swing of working 5-6 days a week, though. Having Monday’s and Tuesday’s off for a month spoiled me – and the little kids. They have been quite used to me being around and so I think they miss my attention when I am not here to play with them…tomorrow I shall have to do something with Mary and David. I also recently finished sewing three skirts and so need to do some shopping to get a few more shirts to match them. And then I need to make a trip to the post office…and a trip to Church wouldn’t be so bad, either. 😀

The bridals wreath at work is blooming. I can’t wait until our bush bursts into bloom as well! Our lilac bushes are beautiful right now. Hopefully they will stay in bloom for a long time. Have you ever tasted lilac blossoms? They are actually pretty good – somewhat sweet. 🙂

I will write more tomorrow…so chao for now. May God bless and Mary keep you!


3 thoughts on “We’ll see how this goes

  1. Migue says:

    Great that you are in blogger. 😀

  2. Fr. Daren J. Zehnle says:

    Welcome aboard! I think you’ll like it!

  3. Alain-Blaise N. says:

    Welcome to blogger Lisa!

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